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BTU's per $ Spent


BTU per $ table

The energy used to heat your house is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). The size of your furnace is measured in heating BTUs it can provide; for example a common furnace size is 50,000 BTUs. 
BTUs per $1.00 spent on Energy = (BTUs Used Conversion Factor) x (Furnace Efficiency)
                                                             (Current Cost of Energy)
Energy Used Conversion Factors 
Electricity……1 Kilowatt Hour = 3,413 BTUs                              Propane…..……1 Litre = 25,217 BTUs 
Oil………….…1 Litre = 36,668 BTUs                                          Natural Gas……1 Cubic Meter = 35,314 BTUs          
Table Notes 
*   The above calculations are based upon average operating furnace efficiencies that occur during a typical heating season. 
      Energy costs are based on data from the Southern Ontario area January 2018
**  Efficiencies shown are for a WaterFurnace Series-5  48,000 BTU, dual capacity model on a ground loop system. 

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